My Dual Sport Bikes - Past and present

BMW R1200 G/S (2004)


Buell 1200 XB12X (2006)

The old Harley motor still has its uses...great fuel economy and low maintenance mean I can put the 1995 GS out to pasture.

BMW R1100 G/S (1995)

The best road bike of this bunch - but the buell is more fun...10 years use and only a broken speedo cable and a clutch cable...that's the BMW reliability reward for riding a boring bike!


KTM 950 Adventure (2005)

The King is dead! Long live the king! The new millenium Elefant is here. Hard to fault this bike. Does everything well, and weighs less doing it.

Cagiva 900 Elefant (1990)

The special edition (first 500 production) fuel-injected version. Lovely machine.

BMW R80 G/S (1981)

The bike that began this whole genre. Still going strong...keeping this one in the back of the shed for special occasions.

Cagiva 750 Elefant (1996)

The budget non-EFI model Elefant. Wonderful revvy engine and quick handling, limited only by suspension travel.

Moto Guzzi 750 NTX (1989)

A factory-built racer for Allan Cunningham to compete in the Wynn's Safari (Australia)... it was also raced in Peru and Egypt too... been more places than me.. how depressing! One of 1 built!

Moto Guzzi 750 NTX Quattro Valvole (1987)

A factory-built racer based on the Lario 4-valve motor, created for the French Guzzi Importer to compete in the Paris-Dakar... One of 2 built!

Slightly modified from original specification, as it has a dual seat and pillion pegs (and the GPS is missing... bummer!). However, it is a very usable road/trail, and quite rewarding to ride, even though it is very tall and has no steering lock.

Honda XLV 750 (1984)

Well, it just arrived one day, and I tried to shoo it away, but it hung around for a few months...very good suspension!


Cagiva 750 Elefant (1989)

The older 750 pantah-based 'Fant. Has 21" front wheel and Ohlins standard. The motor is underwhelming, but the rest is OK.

Moto Guzzi 650 TT Baja (1985)

A special-order production competition Guzzi based on the V65 TT. One of 17 built! This is a really good play bike now....sad!

Moto Guzzi 650 TT Baja (1986)

Yes...another one! .....only a few more and I will have cornered the world market.

Moto Guzzi 650 NTX (1988)

A very good alternative to the Transalp - even has the same paint scheme!


Moto Guzzi 650 TT (1984)

The first attempt by Guzzi at this style. A small bike with limited suspension travel, but sharp handling. Girl's bike.


Cagiva 650 Elefant (1985)

A decent trail bike. Must have blown their minds in '85....

Aprilia 650 Pegaso (1999)

A single cylinder transalp.

Honda 650 Africa Twin (1985)

A serious attempt by Honda. Certainly different to the 750 Africa Twin, and the TransAlp. Seems to do everything well, quietly! Looking forward to adding a 750 A/T to the collection some day.


Honda 600 Transalp (1987)

A benchmark bike of the genre. Still puts in a great performance today. Never understood why these didn't sell in Australia.


Cagiva 600 W16 (1996)

A single cylinder trail bike with no frills.


Yankee 500 Z (1973)

2 Ossa motors bolted into one crankcase, 6 speed transmission and a disc brake on the ahead of its time it never had a time!

Triumph 500 Rickman (196?)

A 1958 Tiger 100 motor in a MK3 Rickman chassis, the kind of bike that would have been raced in the '60s. One day I'll try a 650.

Triumph 500 Adventurer (1973)

An interesting attempt by Triumph. A sweet bike, but limited by crappy suspension.

Morini 500 Camel (1982)

A very capable dirt bike. Appeared shortly after the BMW R80, but offers a more serious approach to the dirt.

Morini 501 Camel (1985)

A modernisation of the original camel, better brakes, better suspension, and slightly more capacity - a better bike.

Indian 500 Westerner (1959)

A Royal Enfield scrambler, dressed with Indian badges.

Indian 500 Woodsman (1958)

A Royal Enfield scrambler, dressed with Indian badges and lights.

Indian 500 Woodsman (1957)

A Royal Enfield scrambler, dressed with Indian badges and lights.

Indian 500 Woodsman (1956)

A Royal Enfield scrambler, dressed with Indian badges and lights.

Indian 500 Woodsman (1955)

A Royal Enfield scrambler, dressed with Indian badges and lights.

Ducati 450 R/T (1971)

A motocross bike with optional lighting kit. It was my first "big" trail bike in the mid-70s.

Morini 350 Canguro (1985)

A really sweet and lower version of the 501 Camel


Italjet 350 Scott (1984)

An unusual pushrod 4-valve trials bike...has a trials sidecar attached, and won some state championships in its day..

Parilla 250 Wildcat (1965)

This was made for the American market. Quite a competitive bike for its time.

Rickman Montessa 250 (1971)

A well-respected combination. Too bad it's a 2 stroke!

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